Fixing stuff around yourself

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

When we talk about a change or talk about to bring a change in society and culture why not you first imagine yourself bringing a positive change in your self. First thing that u can change is yourself. I start changing my self be fixing stuff around my room.

I am sitting in my room and suddenly i see My Wardrobe was messy and books were splendid, i rearranged all the books and feel very happy and satisfied although it was a small task but provide a plenty of happiness.

The things that I learn from this activity are

  1. Start from your self
  2. Taking ownership of doing work
  3. Do not hesitate bring small a positive changes in life
  4. A positive spark of taking leadership in every point of life



If no body asked me to do this i will always do if i found something messy in my room i will try to fix it. Yes in this activity i feel my self responsible to clean my stuff around my self and the point is very clear you can perform any point of your life without having authorities.