I visualize the scenes in my mind before joining Amal. A scene came in my mind of returning back from Lahore and thinking about my future and the baseless life which have many goals but the efforts is zero for achieving these goals.

The first two weeks at Amal was very fantastic. I become very lazy person because of joblessness. I joined Amal to get Internship opportunity in PEPSICO but after joining Amal I feel delighted and collaborate with different minds and different amazing peoples.

This is the picture of the scene I have taken from my mobile phone.


As Amal fellowship is consists of challenges, bring positivity in yourself and to go extra mile for a cause. In my Amal fellow ship the one main objective on which I work for changes my perceptions about thing is to collect funds for EDHI Foundation.

The incident or activity of funds collection realize me that there are many difficulties exist in our daily life even you can not get funds easily for a good and social cause. Before this activity whenever I see someone collecting funds I think this is something like fraud but when I do it by myself…

Modern era is the era of technology. Technology made our life very comfortable and also made us very lazy in our own life. The basic cause of laziness of society is excess of using social media and electronics devices.

As a result of laziness when someone want to do a task many things came in mind that does not allow the person to complete his tasks. This major problem in modern society and in our minds called procrastination. To over come this problem there is a technique is called pomodoro.

As the technique mentioned above is eat that frog with…

As we see in our daily life there are so many health issues rising everyday. Some of the issues are due to environment pollution and some due to noise pollution, but in slum areas there is a big reason for health issue is domestic pollution. As i personal visit a slum area in my surrounding and find a lot of pollution, a lot of garbage and drainage issues and people have to live there

Drainage and Dirty water

Here is my reflection on Amal Totkay of growth mindset

a) These five tips of Amal Totkay are extremely helpful to build a growth mindset and be an Entrepreneur in our life. It provides the help of thinking innovations in our ideas

b)There are a lot of things to takeaway from these tips but i learn about the principal of Amal that is kam kam kam and learn about khudi by deep thinking about my self.

c) My favorite tip is “ Get yourself out of comfort zone”

d) Yes Alhamdulillah I start myself to get out of my comfort zone.

e) By learning new Ideas.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

When we talk about a change or talk about to bring a change in society and culture why not you first imagine yourself bringing a positive change in your self. First thing that u can change is yourself. I start changing my self be fixing stuff around my room.

I am sitting in my room and suddenly i see My Wardrobe was messy and books were splendid, i rearranged all the books and feel very happy and satisfied although it was a small task…

Muhammad Ismail

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